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Django is an open source database driven web application framework written in python. Being an open source, it becomes a blessing for startups and small businesses. Django emphasizes 'reusability' and 'pluggability' of components, rapid development and the principle of don't repeat yourself...

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Today, we live in an age of one stop shop. Maintaining a perfect balance between the growing customer needs and a delighted customer, one needs to give a complete end to end solution to the customers....


Learning as they say is life time business. No matter who you are or what you might have achieved, learning will always be an integral part. It is always fun and wise to learn and know rather than depending upon someone else for knowledge...


Doesn't matter how many goals a footballer scores in his life, most of them will still be remembered for the ones they might have missed. This is life and it brings along with it this package deal. It is same with the corporate world as well...

Hello, I am Deepak Malik...

Hi! I am Deepak Malik, Architecture designer and developer of Django/python based web applications and founder of Krunk Systems. An Engineer in Computer Science by qualification, I have worked in various companies like Credit Suisse, HCL Technologies and Avis E Solution and have worked in international environments. I brought my global technology experience into starting Krunk Systems.

   My main focus has always been providing an end to end solution to the customer. My work calendar also includes meeting clients, understanding their requirements and organizing various workshops and trainings on different technical subjects.

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The works I am proud of

Home Automation

Customer’s delight @ Home auto

Ever forgot to switch off the lights before going to bed? Ever wished of a mechanism which would automatically switch on and off your electrical appliances according to your need and requirement? How delightful an experience it would be.

Well, your wish has been made a reality by two students of Nice College. To add to that, the electrical appliances can even be made to run depending upon the weather conditions. The electric fan would automatically start if the temperature of the room increases a certain customized predefined value. Similarly, a room heater would start if the temperature decreases by a predefined value. Once programmed, it can run uninterrupted for 400 years.

The accomplishment of this dream is done by two final year students of Nice College, Deepak Malik and Pawan. They have come up with computer software which they have named as “Home automation system”. They claim that this software can automatically control the switching of home electrical appliances. If the television or the tube light is set to be switched off at 11 O’clock in the night, you need not do anything. You want to wake up at 5 O’clock; the software can automatically trigger an alarm and switch on the room lights. All this is done by feeding predefined customized values in the software, depending on your needs.

All you need is a personal computer in your home to run the software. It took Deepak and his colleague six months time to develop this software. They were assisted by their teachers Rajiv Makkad and Taimur in this endeavor. According to Deepak, 256 switches can be controlled at a time by this software. The specialty of this software is that, it can be controlled on a monthly basis. The air conditioner automatically operates in the month of May and June and the room heater starts operating in December. Once programmed, the software can work for 400 years. The timings of operation can be changed by changing the software feed manually. The entire system is relay based as confirmed by Deepak which will work in tandem with a personal computer.

Software @ glance<br><br> Automating switching off electrical appliances depending upon time of the day and month of the year. Once programmed, can run uninterrupted for 400 years. Need a personal computer to run.

Open Source - Super computer

Software can make your system

Deepak Malik of the Nice Management College has made a software which considerably decreases the run time of any application thereby increasing the efficiency of any system manifold. He claims that this software increases the processing speed of the computer and thus the system behaves as a super computer. Two things that make this software stand out are, that its installation will decrease the attack of any viruses to the system to a minimum and the system can be handled in two different modes.

Deepak claims to execute any application in 40 hours with the help of his software which otherwise would have an execution time of 30-35 days. This software performs really well with HPC programs. Deepak exhibited his software at the UP Technical University. In appreciation of his talent, the Registrar of the College decided to showcase Deepak’s model at the national level in Delhi. Deepak’s assistance in the workaround has been a third year student, Mohammed Akbar and a second year student, Geet Mangal of the same college.

Won prize

Students Win Prizes at IIT

Students of Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology won prizes at “Srishti 05” event organized by IIT- Roorkie. Gyanendra, Deepak and Mohit won accolades and appreciation for their models. Ashish Gupta and Akbar Khan were jointly awarded the first prize. Ankur Gupta, Pravan Kumar, Asvinder Singh and Mitesh Kumar respectively won the first, second, third and seventh place in the Jumble games. Sana Khan won the second prize in debate. The Students won the consolation prize in Robotics. Pranav Kumar won the first prize in singing. The above information has been confirmed by the Registrar Dr S K Gupta.

Students of Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology won prizes at “Srishti 05” and “Cognizance 05”, events organized by IIT- Roorkie. Students bagged prizes in all the different categories. Organizers gave special appreciation to the model presented by Deepak, Gyanendra and Mohit.

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